Функция PHP xdiff_string_patch

string xdiff_string_patch ( string str, string patch [, int flags [, string &error]] )

xdiff_string_patch patches string str with unified patch in string patch.

flags can be either XDIFF_PATCH_NORMAL (default mode, normal patch) or XDIFF_PATCH_REVERSE (reversed patch).

If error is passed then rejected parts are stored inside this variable.

xdiff_string_patch example: The following code applies changes to some article.

   $old_article = file_get_contents('./old_article.txt');
   $diff = $_SERVER['patch']; /* Let's say that someone pasted a patch to html form */

   $errors = '';

   $new_article = xdiff_string_patch($old_article, $diff, XDIFF_PATCH_NORMAL, $errors);
   if (is_string($new_article)) {
      echo "New article: ";
      echo $new_article;

   if (strlen($errors)) {
      echo "Rejects:  ";
      echo $errors;

Returns a patched string.

See also xdiff_file_patch.