Функция PHP xdiff_file_merge3

mixed xdiff_file_merge3 ( string file1, string file2, string file3, string dest )

xdiff_file_merge3 merges files file1, file2 and file3 into one and stores result in file dest.

Returns TRUE if merge was successful, string with rejected chunks if it was not or FALSE if an internal error happened.

xdiff_file_merge3() exampleThe following code merges three files into one.

   $old_version = 'original_script.php';
   $fix1 = 'script_with_fix1.php';
   $fix2 = 'script_with_fix2.php';

   $errors = xdiff_file_merge3($old_version, $fix1, $fix2, 'fixed_script.php');
   if (is_string($errors)) {
       echo "Rejects: ";
       echo $errors;

See also xdiff_string_merge3.